Friday, 19 August 2011

The Road To Nowhere

Down the long, dark, lonely road
The shards of glass shred my feet.
Up the hard, steep, haunted road
I run from the madness
In smothering heat!

Through the sharp, dank, crushing woods
I cannot hear his silent steps.
In the harsh, dead rotting woods
I see those blue eyes, and
Missing a beat my heart stops!

Leaving the pain, anger and shame behind
I try to start my life a new.
Discovering the secret has followed quietly behind
I finally realise,
What I must do!

Defeated and empty I retreat
Looking for that sweet relief.
Alone and dyeing I retreat,
Into the darkness I know so well,
to try and find that inner peace!

©Invisible Shadows 2011

This was my realisation that it wasn't going to leave me alone...that wherever I went, I would be followed, haunted by the memories...I had buried it...then I started thinking of going to college about 12 months before this, and wanted to go in the September; anxieties and nightmares became overwhelming and I attempted to take my life in June...things were bad, didn't want to live, and I turned to poems and drawings to help relieve some of the feelings....and it helped to get it out on paper...this was my first poem I'd written since dropping out of uni....and since then they haven't stopped!