Inspiring/Helpful Sites

Rape Crisis UK  After 5 years, when everything o d me begin to speak a little, and help me with what I could expect from counselling. They were a huge help in taking the step to face to face counselling.

They have online resources and information can be sent to you.

The Quiet Place  this website has been an absolute saviour! During those 'panics' when too scared to go out, or before work, I have used this site, just to help bring myself back to a calmer place...I don't know what I would do without this site!

Survivors Forum Has been an absolute rock! I have made some brilliant friends, I have had great advice from people who just understand 100%, I have cried, I have screamed, I have had good days and bad days, and all the while I have had support from the most amazing, corageous and strong people!
Amazing horse & rider Oh how I wish I could ride like this!! For when in need of a person to hear you. I have found it a massive help on the desperate few occasions I have rang's all anonymous! Which is great, as you can finally get out some of those thoughts you can never tell anyone face to face! When I have been on the verge of breaking down, they have really helped

Survivors Poetry - Poetry Express A poetry magazine, and forum with poems written by survivors of mental distress. It has a quarterly magazine, as well as 'poem of the month'. I am glad I have found this site, as reading other peoples poems has made me realise it's ok to be expressing these feelings in writing; that there are other people out there feeling the same, and working through the same problems. It's definately worth a look.

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